Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28 - Thought I should go ahead and report in on the doctor visit. Both Dr. S and the intern with her, were very young. I got to hear about the 20 different things that COULD be causing my continuous ear ache. Everything from depression, to a secondary illness related to the shingles, to TMJ, to a cold, to grinding my teeth, to.........., but in the end, they couldn't pin it down. Dr. S decided to put me on nose spray once a day for the next month. She said sometimes allergies cause the eustachian tube to get clogged which creates pressure, the nose spray will supposedly help unclog it, if that's the problem. She said if it's still aching a month from now to come back and we'll try something else. Luckily, I have an appointment with Dr. K on 6/19 so if my ear is still aching, I'll check in with her instead. Dr. S also told me the nose spray is a steroid which can cause thrush so I should be rinsing my mouth out after using it. She then commented that she sees no sign of thrush going on in my mouth right now. Say what? For a week and a half now, the swelling has been back, my mouth is bleeding like a stuck pig, my tongue is super sensitive, even to a little bit of salt........I think she's nuts. I almost broke down and took the thrush medicine today. Then I got all paranoid because I don't see any white spots on my tongue right now. Is this thrush stuff all in my head??


On a bright note, the intern told me that I have the most perfect ear drums she's ever seen. Ummmm...thanks? ;-)

The weight thing seems to have been a fluke. I weighed myself yesterday and was back down to 122.0. A six pound weight fluctuation seems a bit extreme to me. Not sure what's going on with that. Guess I'll continue to keep an eye on the fit of my pants. Meanwhile, does this mean I'm back to looking tragic??

My 'wondering about' topic for the week is, what's the difference between ibuprofen and acetaminophen? Three days before my surgery last July I was told to stop taking Advil and take Tylenol instead, if needed. I was NOT happy because the Tylenol wasn't doing crap for the pain in my tongue. Now, I've been taking Advil like crazy for my ear and it's been helping, but not totally alleviating the ache. I decided to switch to Excedrin and BAM. Totally makes the pain go away for a while. Medicine is weird.

On a funny note, I was complaining a while back in my blog that every time I eat, my nose now runs. Scott and I stopped by to visit my Mom and her husband on our way to Baltimore last week and we ate lunch with them. Both my Mom and her hubby had to blow their noses halfway through lunch! It's not just me!! Ha!

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. Or maybe I should say I'm going to get some of the ratty ends trimmed off. Not a lot to cut right now. I can't wait to see what Jen, my hairdresser, says about all the 1 1/2" growth sprouting all over my head. She had told me that at one point she had shaved her head for a band that she was in. We'll see if she suggests anything outside of the box for me! :-)

Fun stuff!

Or actually, not so fun stuff. Kunkel mentioned to me this morning that one of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships caught fire last week! What the hell?! Scott and I specifically didn't book Carnival a) because we both want to try something new and different and b) because of all the trouble Carnival has been having with their ships! We thought we'd be safer with a different cruise line. Sheesh. Luckily we both know how to swim, and hey, if I have to get stranded on a deserted island with anyone, he'd be the number one choice in MY book. <3

The crab cakes turned out okay. I burnt the first two. Not sure how. It was my first time making them as well as my first time using a cast iron skillet. I now know better.

Star Trek was fantastic! I'm really loving these prequel movies. Last night Scott and I rented the very first Star Trek movie. I, of course, fell asleep halfway through, but I got the gist of it. I think tonight we'll be watching Wrath of Khan. Good stuff! Meanwhile, both After Earth and Now You See Me open this Friday, both of which I'm jonesing to see. Hmmmm....I wonder what my buddy RayB is doing this Sunday........

Sunday I spent the entire day working in my yard. I finished all of my weeding and mulching, mowed the lawn, trimmed some trees, transplanted some hastas, etc. This weekend I need to finish up the spring yard stuff by trimming the hedges, cleaning the gutters, and cleaning out the garage. I will then be ready for summer!

Yesterday was a blissfully perfect day. I fed my man breakfast and then it was off for a leisurely 18 holes of golf. Because it was Memorial Day, there were few people out golfing, and the weather was absolutely perfect, not too hot, not too cold. We both played terribly but enjoyed ourselves immensely. Four and a half hours later we were tired and hungry so we headed to Applebee's for dinner and then home to nap in my double-wide hammock for a couple of hours. It was the best day ever! So much so, that I stopped at the store today and bought a lottery ticket because I want to live that life every day!! LOL!

This Friday is the 98PXY Summer Jam. I have no man this weekend so my bud, Jamie, is going to the concert with me so that we can dance our asses off. Well, at least I'll be dancing. Jamie will probably be pointing and laughing. I'm also thinking about heading to Darien Lake either Saturday or Sunday. I'm totally jonesing for some roller coasters. I might post an outing on Rochester Meetups to see if anyone else is interested. Other than that, and the yard work, and the movies, I still need to finish pulling together my newly remodeled office. It's just been way too nice out to spend any time inside doing it!

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24 - Okay, I'm not sticking to my story after all. My ear has been aching continuously for 2 weeks now. Enough is enough. I'm seeing a doctor at 3:45 today. Not MY doctor mind you, but at least A doctor.

So, a good news, bad news tidbit. I've gained weight!! For the first time since Christmas, my scale is going up. I've gained ~6 pounds in a little over 2 weeks! (I'm at 127.8.) This is good news because I think it's for sure a sign that I'm definitely healthier, plus it means that I'm managing to get enough food in me to add some padding back on. It's bad news because I finally have a wardrobe that I'm comfortable with. If I have to start changing it out again.....well........ugh. Every 10 pounds means a size change for us chicks so if I gain 4 more pounds, I'm going to have to dig through all my storage containers for my size 8's. Bleah.

On the bright side, I was telling the girls at work that I've gained 6 pounds in an incredibly short amount of time and Karen, the HR chickie, said "I noticed it last week and I think the 6 pounds looks really good on you. You're still skinny without looking downright tragic.". Ha!

So, continuing on with my grumping theme of how everything has changed.......

I have a really hard time staying up past 9:30 pm. I'm constantly falling asleep on Scott's shoulder! When we went to see the play at GEVA I was falling asleep near the end of the second half. At the Yankee's game on Monday night I was starting to fade during the 8th inning. It's ridiculous. I've started drinking coffee again in an attempt to be able to stay up later. I haven't really noticed it helping though.

Meanwhile, the other big change that I've noticed caused me to have a bit of a meltdown last Saturday morning. My memory is shot to hell!! Some recent examples:

When I went with Scott for his hand surgery, he was talking to me afterwards about the male anesthesiologist. I thought he was nuts, I only remembered the female one coming to talk to him. A little while later the male one walked by at which point I remembered him. How the hell could I forget seeing him just 3 hours before that??

Then I was sitting in a Green Team meeting a couple of weeks ago. I had an action item to order a bottle return container for our offices next door. I had completely forgotten to do it! At which point 5 of my coworkers fell out of their chairs because I NEVER forget things like that. I'm known as one of the most dependable employees at work. If you give me something to do, you will never have to follow up to see if it was done, you just automatically assume it got done because hey, it's Quinn. As soon as I got back to my desk after the meeting, I ordered the container. It arrived a few days later and I proudly walked across the street to hand it off to the technician over there who had requested it. As I held it out to him he said "Quinn, what the hell, you already bought me one of those two months ago.". Say what?? So, I didn't forget to order the damn thing, I just forgot that I had already ordered it?!?

So, last Friday Scott said he would come over Saturday after work so I took (3) steaks out of the freezer to thaw for dinner (why I decided on 3 instead of 2, I have no idea). Then he found out Friday night that his daughter's plane would be arriving at 11:40 in the morning so he wanted to go see her instead. I rushed downstairs and discovered the steaks were still frozen so I put (2) of them back in the freezer. Phew! Saturday morning I was up bright and early to run a few miles and when I got back I went to the fridge for some water. I looked down, saw my single steak on the second shelf, but also saw two more steaks on the third shelf. What the hell?? I checked the freezer and the steaks I had put back the night before were still there so at some point in time, I had already decided to thaw 2 steaks for an upcoming dinner. I have no idea when I had decided that or how long those steaks had been sitting there in the fridge. My brain is totally blank on the whole thing! This was just too much. I went upstairs, crawled into bed next to Scott and quietly lost it. Both he and Sam made the same basic comment about welcome to the life of a normal person. It didn't make me feel better. When you live with yourself for 40+ years and you're suddenly looking in the mirror and not recognizing anything about yourself, it's really scary and upsetting. :-(

Moving on..........

I called in another thrush prescription yesterday, I'll be picking it up this weekend. Not that I'm planning on taking it right away, but I decided it would be nice to have the actual pills on hand for the morning I wake up and decide the thrush is completely out of control once again. Because mind you, it's back, it's just not seriously affecting my life just yet. I want to hold out as long as I can until I'm absolutely miserable so that I can try to avoid building up the tolerance that Dr. K had mentioned.

- Thrush is back but not bad enough for meds.......yet.
- Spit production probably around 50% at this point.
- Bullfrog effect still happening.
- Garbled talking. Swollen throat.
- Partial taste buds - Sweet is around 15% right now.

Fun stuff!

Dinner with the Kunkel's was fun! Although I think the boys did more talking than Kunkel and I. Of course that's partially my fault. I can't carry on a conversation and concentrate on not choking while eating at the same time. My multitasking skills only go so far.

Loved seeing Sam and the kids on Sunday and we had the best weather ever in our ~15 years of going to the Lilac Fest!!

Baltimore was absolutely fantastic! It just occurred to me that it's a huge bonus to have found a man who is not only funny, gorgeous, sweet, and thoughtful.......but who also makes an outstanding traveling companion. The Yankees game was very exciting, not that I know anything about baseball but I kind of got caught up in the mood of the crowd. Plus the Asquino-Briggs clan (other than JBB who is a Mets fan) are really into the Yankees so there were texts and FB posts going on throughout the game. Good stuff. The highlight for me, non-sports girl, was the 'bacon on a stick' at one of the concession stands. O-M-G. Best thing I've ever had in my mouth!! I ate TWO!! (Yeah, and then I wonder where that 6 pounds came from.........). We also went to the aquarium which was beautiful, hung out on the docks with adult beverages, went to Ripley's which at one point had me laughing so hard I was crying, and then did the traditional all you can eat crab thing for dinner. A banner trip all the way around.

And our cruise has been booked! The countdown has begun..........134 days and we will be on a boat, in a balcony room no less, cruising in the Caribbean. Woo hoo! We spent the 6 hour car ride home from Baltimore picking out what excursions we're going to do. We will be ziplining, riding ATV's, jet skiing, hitting the beach and a waterpark, and doing a sunset catamaran cruise. I'm so psyched! I love having a trip to count down to!!

Finally, after all the Baltimore excitement, a quiet weekend is in order. Tonight I'm going to try my hand at making crab cakes for dinner because Scott really enjoyed the ones we had in Baltimore. Then we're heading out to see Star Trek at our fave theater with the power reclining seats. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice we might head to a local rib festival that happens annually here in Rochester before he picks his daughter up for the weekend and on Monday, again, weather permitting, we'll find someplace to play 18 holes. Ahhhh.......I love my life.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14 - Okay, so is it normal, after having a major health scare, to be suspicious of every little thing that goes on with your body? I'm starting to feel like a hypochondriac! This week my right ear has been aching pretty continuously. It's been bothering me enough that I've been taking Advil for it every day for the past four days. And one of the questions that Dr. C (or one of his PA's depending on who I see) specifically asks me at every appointment is, do your ears hurt? Meanwhile, denial girl over here is thinking that maybe it's just allergies. Not that I've ever had my ear ache due to allergies before but it sounds plausible so that's the story I'm sticking to.

I also have a bump inside my left ear that really hurts. I was freaking out the other night thinking that it was the shingles coming back again. Like that didn't suck enough the first time. But it's been a few days and the bump hasn't spread so I think it's just a zit. <sigh> Just start calling me Chicken Little.

I would like to preface this next bit of diatribe by stating that I have come a long way since last summer, that things are continuing to improve every day, and that it's still a good day to be alive, each and every day. With that said, I'm going to grump a bit just to get it off my chest......

So many things have changed. I'm cold. Constantly. Every day at work I have a space heater set to 80 degrees blasting at me from two feet away. Even when it's sunny and mid-70's outside. Sometimes it's still not enough. I travel everywhere with extra coats/sweaters, just in case. I often have thermals or turtlenecks on under my clothes, and heavy wool socks on my feet, even if the temps are in the 50's and 60's. And for anyone reading this who does not live in upstate NY, 50's and 60's is pretty warm. ;-P

Eating is work, not a pleasure. Poor Scott often has to sit for another 10-15 minutes in restaurants, after he's done eating, because I haven't finished yet. And I often simply stop eating, not because I'm full but because I'm tired. I still can't taste a lot of foods, so there's not a lot of pleasure in consumption. Plus I usually need at least 2, sometimes 3, very large glasses of either milk or water just to get food down which means I'm then visiting the little girl's room every hour for the next 6 hours. And I never realized how much you use your tongue to push food around in your mouth until my tongue stopped being at its optimum flexibility. I told Scott that it's kind of a relief to eat at home and alone sometimes because then I can simply stick my finger in my mouth and push my food over to whatever side I need it to be on to chew it. When I'm in polite company, it takes forever for me to work the food to the side of my mouth with my tongue.

Okay, enough grumping.

My 5k this past Saturday was fine. I ran it without a problem. I was also up and out the door this morning to run 3 miles just for the hell of it. I still need to add some kind of weight training into my routine to prep for the Dirty Girl Obstacle Course in September. I don't want to let down JBB when she expects me to haul her ass up walls and over nets and stuff!!

- Thrush is at bay for the time being.
- Spit production probably around 50% at this point.
- Bullfrog effect still happening.
- Garbled talking.
- Partial taste buds - Sweet is around 15% right now.

Fun stuff!

Dolling up this past Saturday night for dinner and a show was the best! We ate at an Italian restaurant that neither of us had ever been to. Afterwards, Scott took me shopping because I didn't have a dressy coat to wear over my dress and as stated above, I was freezing as usual. He bought me a sexy, little black, spring jacket, that I love! Then we went and saw A Midsummer Night's Dream at GEVA. It turns out my friend Karen's sister is the Operations Director there so Karen put in a good work for us (she so rocks!) and her sister checked the tickets that I had bought and decided my seats weren't all that great so she upgraded us to the middle balcony section. Our seats were fabulous! (She so rocks too!) It was a good, good night. :-)

Scott's sauce on Mother's Day was most excellent! I was a bit bummed though that he didn't wear an apron for all of that cooking. Definitely would have enhanced the whole experience for me. ;-) Meanwhile his mother in law was very cute. A funny lady! 100% Polish and proud of it. His son Jack, and Jack's girlfriend Ali joined us as well but they were really quiet, ate quickly, and disappeared again. It's kind of like living in a haunted house with a couple of ghosts hanging out upstairs. Just don't say Beetlejuice 3 times.

That night when Scott went to take me back home, one of his dogs was at the end of the driveway, on the wrong side of the invisible fence! A chase ensued but Peanut was eventually captured and brought back home. Turns out the battery in her collar had died. Then Scott took me home and we pulled into my driveway and my dog, Jack, was sitting on the front step, and Freedom was over near the garbage can eating the bowl of cat food. What the hell?? I had left them in the garage/backyard for the day because I knew I was going to be gone for 12+ hours. So, I bolted from the car, opened the front door and shooed them inside. I then went to see if one of the gates had blown open or something. Nope, turns out one of them (Jack!) had chewed his way through the wooden gate so that they could come looking for me and demand to be let back inside. Wussy dogs. They hate being outside. I would explain to them how dangerous that stunt was seeing as how the the neighbor's dog was shot by the Rochester police just a month or so ago but I'm afraid they just wouldn't listen. <sigh>

This Friday Scott and I are doing a couple's dinner with the Kunkel's. I'm way excited! I never get to do stuff with her outside of work. We're going to have a blast! We're headed to the Melting Pot because Kunkel has never been there and it's a really interesting eating experience.

Sunday, Sam and the kids are making their annual pilgrimage to attend the Lilac Festival with me. I'm thinking about heading there for a few hours by myself on Saturday to do my browsing sans kids. That way on Sunday, Sammy can peruse all she wants and I can focus on keeping the crazy, little, injuns rounded up and somewhat under control! Can't wait to see them. :-)

Then on Monday, Scott and I are off to Baltimore for 3 days to catch a Yankee's game! How fun is that?! The Ohio trip was one night, this trip is two nights. We're slowly building things up because this week we're going to book an 8 day cruise together for my birthday in October. The one I've picked is out of San Juan, cruising to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Curacao, and Aruba. No Carnival for this one though. We're going to try Royal Caribbean which neither of us has ever been on, AND we're going to spring for a balcony room. I can't wait to start the countdown for this trip!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9 - The thrush came back full force this past weekend. Sunday morning I was on a picnic and ate a handful of potato chips without too much difficulty. They were so yummy that Sunday night I decided to eat another handful while I was lying in bed watching TV. Ouch! The salt stung my tongue like crazy! And I was suddenly super sensitive to all the little sharp edges while chewing! WTH? I didn't realize things could get so bad that quickly. So, I sent a message to Doctor K through the health portal asking for yet another prescription. I also filled her in on what Dr. C had said about this probably being chronic. She responded super fast as usual. Have I mentioned that I love her?? Here's what she said:

Hi Ms. Quinn,
I sent in the 2 dose fluconazole with 5 refills. An alternative-- after you've treated any current outbreak of thrush is to take one pill weekly to prevent thrush.The only potential risk of this is that you develop thrush that is resistant to fluconazole (a possibility anyway, but more likely if you are taking fluconazole continually). Let me know if you'd like to do the weekly med and I will send in that prescription or we can discuss further at your next appointment.

So, I was really torn. I would love to take a weekly pill and not have to constantly battle with this stuff but what happens if I DO develop a thrush that's resistant? What then? It's not like there's an alternative medicine out there (that works, anyway) that I can take. Also, the upside to battling each instance of thrush is that I'm still holding out hope that one of these times it simply won't come back (despite Dr. C's negativity!). If I'm taking a pill weekly, I won't know if the thrush is truly chronic or not. <sigh> I'm due for my girly appointment next month anyway so I went ahead and set that up and will take my questions and concerns with me to discuss with Dr. K.

And on a side note, I DID look at my tongue in the mirror on Monday and yes, there were groupings of white spots on my tongue. I'll have to let Dr. C's PA know that the next time I'm in.

Another 5k to run this Saturday. I haven't done much running in the past 2 weeks though so this might be just as painful as the last one. On the bright side, all of the edging in my yard is complete and I've done about 75% of the mulching. Not quite the same as running, I know, but at least I haven't been sitting on my couch slacking either! :-)

- Thrush still sucks.
- Spit production probably around 50% at this point.
- Bullfrog effect still happening.
- Garbled talking.
- Partial taste buds - Sweet is around 15% right now.

FUN stuff!

Golf league last week was a blast! Turns out the ladies I'm playing with suck just as badly as I do! LOL! They're just out there to have some fun, they don't take the game seriously at all. I believe I'm really going to enjoy this league. :-)

The bruising on my backbone has disappeared. It may very well have been the mattress! I'm loving the new mattress. It doesn't creak when I get up. Heck, it doesn't even move when I get up. The only downside to it so far is that it's really tall. I have to hop up a little just to sit on it. Freedom usually just sleeps in his dog bed in the corner because his arthritis doesn't allow him to jump on the bed but every once in a while, he'll stand at the bottom of the bed and whine because he wants to be up with me and Jack. On the old mattress, I could put his front paws up on the bed and then just give his butt a little shove to get him up. On this mattress I have to bodily lift his fat ass up and onto the bed. We're talking 80 pounds people! I might herniate something. Stay tuned.

The neighborhood sale last week was awesome! I bought a French press ($5), a movie ($1) and a clothing rack ($1). The clothing rack was supposed to break down so that I could put it in the canvas bag I brought but it seemed to be stuck. Scott offered to carry it for me instead. The number of comments he received while carting that thing around was crazy! He was totally loving the attention though. ;-)

The picnic at Highland Park on Sunday was a good time. There were 12 of us that hiked around looking at all the flowers, touring the green house, checking out the reservoir, the castle, and the sunken gardens. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people.

This weekend Scott actually gets his house back for the week while his wife and daughter are in Florida on vacation. He's taking full advantage of it and I will finally get to taste his self proclaimed famous sauce on Sunday. He's inviting his mother in law over too so I get to meet her, as well as his 22 year old son and girlfriend. A weekend of getting to know my sweetie just a little bit better. Good stuff!

Carnival Cruise Lines has been going ballistic with their marketing. Every single day I'm getting e-mails or phone calls for deals that are going on. I finally couldn't take it any more yesterday. I'm now booked on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas the first week of December. It was $200! Five days of 24 hour food, entertainment, lodging.....I could not say 'no'! So, now I'm trying to lure a girlfriend into sharing the king sized bed with me for the week but I might just end up going alone. Our HR Manager at work went on a cruise by herself last year and she said it's one of the best things she's ever done! We'll see.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1 - I have an improvement to announce! Woo hoo! For the past week now, I have not had to clean the drain in the shower multiple times to keep the water from backing up. My hair has FINALLY stopped falling out by the handful! Thank god! I also noticed that the crown of my head is not the only place where I have an alfalfa going on. I wore my hair up in a ponytail last weekend to golf and when I went to the bathroom at Applebee's, I noticed there are 1 inch long tufts sticking out all over my head. This is awesome that my hair is coming back in although I'm going to have to talk to my hairdresser about exactly how we're going to blend this strange layered look I'll have going on for the next year or two. :-)

I ran my 5k this past Sunday. It sucked but I did it. I ran 3.1 miles this morning in my neighborhood and it was awesome! Not sure what the difference was. Possibly my eating habits. Or maybe it's because Sunday morning I was freezing my ass off and this morning I ran in a short sleeved tech shirt because it was beautiful out! Or maybe it was because I had only run once between the Color Vibe 5k and the Flower City 5K.......

Scott and I did, indeed, sign up for the Run for Fun on May 11th. I'm going to try to get out running more than once a week from here on out so that it hopefully won't suck like this last one.

That's about it on the health front. I'm super psyched to be taking something permanently off my list down below! At some point everything HAS to come off the list, right?

- Thrush sucks.
- Spit production probably around 50% at this point.
- Bullfrog effect still happening.
- Garbled talking.
- Partial taste buds - Sweet is around 15% right now.

Fun stuff:

Scott and I had a blast playing 18 holes this past Saturday. It was fabulous weather! I got to use the new clubs that Sandi gave me for the first time. Needless to say, I really sucked with them. I'm told it takes a bit to adjust to new clubs. I'm off to the driving range today with Hoyng at lunch to get a little more practice with them because tomorrow night kicks off my golf league! I'm both excited and nervous. The last time I was on a golf league (~15 years ago) I found that the disparate levels of play of the women in the league caused quite a bit of tension and sapped a lot of the fun out of it. I'm hoping this league isn't like that.

This Friday I'm getting a new mattress delivered. Finally. I've been sleeping on the same mattress for 25 years now. To say that it's beat is putting it mildly. I've been noticing bruising at the top of my back lately and I think it's because my backbone is now all knobby and there's not enough cushion left on my mattress to protect me! Guess I'll find out this weekend if that's what's causing it.

Saturday I will be spending the day at the Browncroft Neighborhood Garage Sale. They already have 97 houses in the neighborhood signed up! I love bargain hunting! Sunday I'll be exploring Highland Park with my Meetup Group and enjoying a picnic in the park afterwards. Other than that, with all this gorgeous weather we've been having, I've been spending a lot of time on my patio, in the hammock that I received as a thank you gift for doing a good job on our software upgrade at work. I'll try to get a picture of it to post for next time. :-)