Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1

This post is for Toby. I signed up to do a class at a place called Painting with a Twist. You take a bottle of wine, go to this place, and learn how to paint a picture. I was both excited and nervous about it because I am not the creative type and it would be interesting to see how I did. Well.....see for yourself.......

Here's what everyone was supposed to paint:

 Here's my finished product:

Yeah, I laughed my ass off too. I walked around the room. There were about 20 painters in there. Everyone else's looked just like the original except for one girl. She was a little light with her blooms. Her tree looked kind of empty. Other than that, everyone else seemed to follow instructions with no problem. I have not clue what my deal is. I wouldn't tag myself as a rebel. I guess when I say I have no creative talent whatsoever, you need to take me at me word. Ha! 

Meanwhile, I kind of like it. It def fits my mood. Kind of dark with some hellfire in the background. I'm going to take it in and get it framed next week. :-)


  1. Hey Quinny! It's Jamie the girl that sat next to you while painting with a twist. I actually just came across the wine you let me try today and it made me think of you! I think your painting was awesome different and bolder then the rest!!! A memory that I'll never forget I'm glad I got to meet such an amazing and inspiring lady!!

    1. Jamie! Wow, did I tell you about my blog? Weird! I was psyched to friend you too! Thanks so much for taking a hair dryer to my painting for me. You are such a sweetie! I'm going to try that class again on the 18th but this time I'm going to stay sober and see if I can be a bit more of a lemming. LOL!