Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8 - Part II

Oh! I keep meaning to mention it and then keep forgetting so I'm adding a blip about it right now while I'm thinking about it. A few people have expressed concern over radio silence as of 6/23. I wanted to reassure everyone that baby doll has promised to blog for me starting on 6/23. Nothing graphic, mind you. Maybe just a note about how I'm staying comfortable (I hope!). So you won't be left in the dark about how things are progressing. He will also be posting the calling hour information on both the blog and my Facebook page when I do pass so stay tuned if you're interested in coming to see my beautiful urn. Which I still need to go and pick out! UGH! My painting should be framed by Tuesday and the framing place is right down near Pottery Barn so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone on Tuesday.....okay....back to my hammock!

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  1. Okay,pick out something (urn,) totally you Cathy.