Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sunday is free for all visiting day

Just a quick head's up, I'm staying home tomorrow, blogging, catching up e-mail, and whatever. Tomorrow is the day that anyone who wants one last goodbye hug is welcome to stop by. I picture myself spread out on the couch with hot young foreign guys surrounding me, fanning me with palm fronds, holding grapes although not feeding them to me, it's the ambience of the thing, you know...

So, anyone that wants to, can stop by and say hi/goodbye/love you/will miss you/or heck, even if you just want to cuff me up side the head for some reason, you can feel free to do so. I'll be up and decent by 8:00 am. Probably in bed by 11:00 pm.

84 Bleacker Road
Rochester, NY 14609
Cell for texting: 1-585-752-7074

1 comment:

  1. Wish I was there for one last huge hug sweetie !!! xoxo :(